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HT Hand-Powered Ice Auger


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StrikeMaster Swedish Mora Hand-Powered Hand Auger

The StrikeMaster Mora Hand Auger was developed to be the perfect tool for virtually any fisherman. A highly effective fishing accessory could make or break your fishing encounter. With the StrikeMaster Mora Hand Auger, buying a top quality accessory for your tool box of fishing equipment has not been simpler. These from the professional fisherman at StrikeMaster are made employing exceptionally reliable resources, in an effort to provide you with a long lasting piece of fishing gear. StrikeMaster has been a widely used name inside the fishing industry for very many years, and the StrikeMaster Mora Hand Auger is the consequence of the time they take to ensure you are fishing with some of the greatest equipment in the marketplace. For a fantastic way to ensure the success of your future fishing voyage, choose the StrikeMaster Mora Hand Auger.

  • Ergonomically designed

  • Managed by soft rubber grips on a two - piece handle that adjusts from 48" to 57"

  • High - alloy carbon steel blades make mincemeat out of the ice

  • Cut as many holes as you like, with the last hole being as sharp as the first was

  • Color: Blue

  • Weight: 7 lb.

  • Handle Design: Rubber Grip

  • Sizes:  6", 7"

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